Friday, November 26, 2010

Positive Thinking it enough?

By having a positive mental atmosphere, then this will be very conducive (to support) to run the next positive processes, which include:,

1. Lesson

"Lord Justice" says that there are positive lessons it everywhere as long as we want to explore and absorb it: behind the error, failure, betrayal of others above us, behind a bad accident that befell us, and so on. However, despite the positive lessons that exist everywhere, but the practice proved that the positive lessons that we can not absorb that our minds are clouded by negative thoughts.

Smile Like Samuel said in one of his writings: "Not true if people think that success is created from success. Often resulting from failure to success. Perception, study, advice and role model can not teach as much success as taught by failure. "

2. Decision

One ugly reality that we face in essence not dictate we have to take certain decisions but offers the choice to us. The offer include: a) may choose to reverse the decision, b) may selecting the decision to stop / go back to the original, and c) may selecting the decision to go forward with the deal, looking for creative gap, and others.

If related to the practice of everyday life, there are things that can not be denied that all the people all the time have chosen a particular decision about what to do. From the selected decision was born an action that causes an outcome. Therefore, there is Brian Tracy's suggestion that we should contemplate that which determines our fate is not what happened to us but the decisions we take over what had happened to us. That is, reverse the decision will result in setbacks; decision rendered will result in stagnation and advanced decision will lead to progress.

3. Regularity Step

Well, by creating positive thoughts of bad things that befall us are at least a provision for us to do positive things on an ongoing basis in the sense of not relying on changes in circumstances or are not easily hurt by a blow to the state. As Denis messages WAITLEY, "No you are a barrier to progress but the charge that you bring your mind."

From the message that there might be one thing we need to remember that the negative thoughts that we carry or that we let that become an obstacle sometimes we move or interfere with the smooth move us in treading goals that we espouse. Therefore, if there permisalan paslah illustrating that the negative thoughts that will give us the dirt on his chest. Chest full of dirt that we leave will make our backs weighed down by charges against him and resulted in this step is not as fluent as we want.

What things should be lived?

Above we have seen that using positive thoughts as a way of positive thinking means that we still have a positive process that we need to live. What needs to be lived?

1. Find a special lesson

Whether consciously or not, often term this positive thinking we only practice limited to assume good faith, believing in the wisdom that brightens, or merely have a positive opinion. Of course this is correct and it is good but if we associate with little results and more results, the positive process we need to do is turn our minds to find the specific lessons that actually fits and is relevant to our self-state on today.

The failure of our efforts can be caused by the time it is not perfect yet, mistakes selecting people, less persistent, less skill, external circumstances that are out of control, and others. Because it is impossible to absorb the lessons as a whole at a time, then the most important thing is to absorb the lessons that are relevant only as a material to self-correct.

2. Use in special cases

Many experiences that have tested that have clearly formulated objectives and is clearly fighting for, proved to have a big enough advantage for a positive process. In other words, to be able to use the lessons we have absorbed demands formulated objectives we seek its realization. Without this, it may be a positive lesson that we find it will idle or less many benefits.

In other words, so that we can make our failure as an impetus to achieve progress is not enough just to have a positive mind and positive attitude for this failure, but it takes our efforts to use the lessons that we've got the next in an effort to achieve the desire.

3. Opening Yourself

As we have seen in advance that the positive lessons that lie behind the problem, a bad reality, or behind the events that we experience in practice it is not limited to life, not single, not mono, and therefore often referred to guidance (guidance .) So many that, it is not possible we can space owned and well able to absorb all that is needed is to open on positive lessons revealed by our mistakes, mistakes of others that we see, the findings of science, and advice.

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