Saturday, June 5, 2010

Glossaries of Trading

1.        Trading Volume, Value and Frequency:
Figures of trading volume, value and Frequency are calculated once, except on the stock exchange’ members trading data. Trading Frequency refers to number of transaction.
2.       Number of shares (number of issued shares):
This figures is number of listed shares after adjustment when bonus and rights issues, share splits and consolidations are made.
3.       Number of listed shares:
This figures refers to the total number of shares that is already listed and can be traded at the exchange.
4.       Market Capitalization:
This figures indicates the aggregate number of shares multiplied by regular market closing price.
5.       Stock exchange Composite Index
                   = Σ(Regular Closing Price * Number of Shares)  x 100
Base Value
Base Value
          = Σ(Base Price * Number of Shares)
6.       Individual Index
                   = Regular Closing Price  x 100
Base Value
7.       To calculate the stock exchange Composite Index and Stock Individual Index, Base Price and Base Value are adjusted
when bonus and rights issues, share splits and consolidations are made. Base price for new listed companies is
IPO price.
8.       To calculate Financial Ratio, the latest financial reports are used.
·                    Earning Per Share (EPS): The figure of EPS is derived by dividing the Profit after Taxation by number of issued shares. We annualized the EPS when interim reports are used (see the Financial statement dates and Financial Year Ends).
·                    Price Earnings Ratio (PER)
                             = Regular Closing Price  
·                    Book Value per Share (BV): The figure of BV is derived by dividing the Total Shareholders’ Equity by number of issued shares.
·                    Price to Book Value (PBV)
                             = Regular Closing Price  
·                    Return On Asset (ROA)
                             = Net Income  x 100
   Total Assets
·                    Return On Equity (ROE)
                             = Net Income  x 100
·                    Net Profit Margin (NPM)
                             = Net Income  x 100
    Total Sales
·                    Operating Profit Margin (OPM)
                             = Operating Income  x 100
          Total Sales

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