Monday, June 14, 2010

Marketing Activities

Marketing activities in the context of marketing investments refer to marketing communications, brand identity creation and other promotional activities. Each of this activities is carried out with the sole purpose of making the company and its products favorable to customers.

As such, even though the company includes a number of other functions and activities, selling the company
comes under the purview of marketing. In such a scenario, marketing activities must be viewed in the broader context of selling a company or its image to potential customers.

When marketing investments are utilized to achieve much broader objectives that expand beyond the narrow confines of the marketing department, measuring the outcomes of this investments should also be in line with such broader objectives.

The second challenge in measuring marketing productivity is the separation of marketing activities from other actions of a company. Even though many marketing investment are made for the company as a whole, only marketing productivity is measured and not the returns on the company as a whole. As such, it does not project the actual complete picture. Isolating marketing activities from other company activities only compounds this problem.

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