Monday, June 28, 2010


ERM - Enterprise Risk Management (risk management) is an important factor that must be considered firm. A framework for comprehensive and integrated to manage credit risk, market risk, operational risk, working capital and transfer risks to maximize corporate value.

Seven components of the ERM program to run properly:

1. The owner shall ensure that the board and management have formed the organization and control the right companies to measure and manage corporate risks.
2. Line management integrating risk management into corporate activities, including business development,
product, relations management, pricing and more.
3. Portfolio to incorporate risk management, incorporating the effects of diversification, and monitor the risks to establish risk limits.
4. Transfer the risk to reduce risk is considered too high, more cost efficiency to transfer risk to third parties and to maintain the company's portfolio of risk.
5. Risk analysis to measure the risk, analysis and reporting tools to measure corporate risk.
6. Provision of data and technology to support analysis and reporting process.
7. Owner berkomunkasi and report risk information to the person who appointed the company.

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