Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 Tips for Successful People Personality

By: Mr. Jennie S. Bev, who was a consultant, entrepreneur, author and educator living in San Francisco Bay Area and he is an Indonesian who "successfully" compete on the climate of "tight" American.

He put forward the 10 elements of a successful personality (both in terms of financial and performance) are based on her social and communication with the billionaire and a successful entrepreneur.

Ten attitude that should belong to it are as follows:

First, the courage to take the initiative:

The actual strength is no longer a secret to the success of people terknenal ie they always have great ideas!

Just look: A Donald Trump a "worldwide" due to its superiority in the field of Real Estate originally stood the test of the status of bankrupt and ultimately predicated King Real Estate, is an example of a genius and daring initiative.

We certainly know the TV series The Apprentice, Miss Universe contest, Free University named, even in his home country doll Donald is an icon and best-selling product in addition to the books of his bestseller. And the initiative is the wealth of all people, live people that want or not to take the initiative put forward its ideas.

Second, on time:

A sure thing for everyone in this world without exception is that we have the same amount of time ie 24 hours a day. A person who keep their promises and on time shows that he is a man who has the ability to organize / manage something that is most limited.

Ability to attend as promised is the key to all success, especially success in business and interact. Giving more attention to time is a reflection of respect for ourselves and our colleagues and partners.

Third, Glad to serve and give:

A successful formula of many successful people are able to lead, but an additional attribute of leadership is the habit of serving and giving.

"The more you give to others, the more respect you get in return"

And, sincerity is the key to this trait. Other goodness will continue to flow without stopping when we are able to give and serve with sincerity. It may be practically as bonuses alone!

But, at least by giving and serving means showing to friends, colleagues and our colleagues how successful we are making people more confident partner and associate with us.

Fourth, the Open yourself first:

Perhaps we've met people who always want to know about other people's private things, but he continued to shut himself for his true identity is not open.

They usually live in fear and suspicion, and always prejudiced to anyone he encountered. This attitude is the element that is not owned many successful people.

Trust and generosity to open up to the other person is a mirror that we are comfortable with yourself, then nothing needs to be covered, that is sought by the true partner and most of us would agree that not many people are willing to work with a mysterious man, right right?

Fifth, Glad to work together and establish a good relationship:

The ability to work together in teams is one of the main keys to success.

Again we take the example of Donald Trump. In the TV series The Apprentice, Trump has a team of loyal and become an extension of her hand in finding candidates "confidant" new.

In the end, Trump will have a team of very loyal and visionary same as creating a good network, so that the road to success is more wide open.

Sixth, Glad to learn new things:

Ciputra and Bakrie is a person who can be regarded as a success in the field of commerce. But when they founded the university, whether they move as an educator? Or they own is actually a professor? Obviously not, they remain an entrepreneur, but with his penchant to find new things and apply them directly, then the world wide wide open for him.

The business world is like as a place to play that laus and unlimited. So glad to learn and find new things is an attitude of success.

Seventh, rarely complains, professionalism is the most important:

Lance Armstrong once said, "There are two Kinds of days: good days and great days."

There are only two kinds of days: a good day and a very good day. It is good if we do not ever complain, even though one day maybe we will fall and fail.


Because every time you fail, it is an opportunity for us to learn to overcome failure itself so it does not happen again in the future. Day in which we fail to remain as a good day (good day).

Eighth, dare to risk:

Clearly, without this there is no chance at all to lead to success. Virtually every day we run the risk, although not fully realized.

The risk is only going to result in two kinds: some of a good or a great day. So, so nothing to worry about anymore is not it?

Failure was simply an opportunity to learn to not repeat the same thing later in life and certainly the threshold to success will be closer.

Ninth, not showing fear (think positive all the time):

Positive thinking is the environment or the default state in which the whole of existence we are.

If we use negative thoughts as the default state, then all our actions will be based on this (fear or anxiety). With positive thoughts, then our actions will be guided by positive vibration, so that positive things will more likely.

The more positive we are addressing the obstacles, the better chance we find a solution to these obstacles.

Tenth: "comfortable in Their Own Skin" Close-up of something and make it look "better" than his interlocutor.

Ever met a successful person of low self-alias is not comfortable with themselves? Nothing of course.

Leisure be yourself do not need to be covered up so that the speaker was not offended because everyone has its own place in the world that can not be replaced by others. I was me, they are them.

By being myself, I would not disturb their existence. If they feel uncomfortable, it's not because of my personality, but due to a different mindset and kekurangmampuan them in achieving comfort with oneself.

Basic attitude of successful people mentioned above probably could be a harbinger and pave our steps to achieve success we dream, our lives are decided.

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  1. Congrats on your great article! As you mentioned with great attitude comes great outcome and same with great confidence comes great result. Most of the successful people we know about have great confidence in themselves which they use as a great force to achieve their goals. As you said being comfortable with your own skin knowing what you want, knowing how to do it is one of the ten things you described to lead you to success.
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