Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Put Adsense For Feeds

Making and Installing Adsense For feeds on the blog is a way of earning revenue for the blog owner, especially for Indonesian-language blogs that can only be in pasangi Adsense For Feeds and Adsense For Search only.

Adsense For This feed will greatly provide income for many customers who have blogs. Earnings will be in the can for each ad clicked by visitors to the blog feed.

How to Create Adsense For Feeds, as follows:
1. First register with Google Adsense, please go to

2. When you already have an account at Google Adsense, Adsense For Making live feeds and put it on your blog

3. Log in first at

4. Click the AdSense Setup tab -> Get Ads

5. Click Adsense For Feeds

6. In the Adsense for Feeds -> Ad Types, select the ads / images for all types of text and image ads appear on your blog.

7. Choose how often the ad will appear on your blog feed at the Frequency. We recommend that you select each feed material for advertising opportunities on your blog at the click quite large.

8. Choose the length of advertising messages that will appear on your blog feed at the Long Message. We recommend that you select the length of any message.

9. Choose the ad's position on the position. We recommend that you select At the top of the feed material, because the opportunities for greater click.

10. Choose your own colors with the turn Let me choose a color

11. Click create a new channel and enter the feed address of your blog.
For example

12. Click Add and then click Save to activate google adsense for feeds this. Ads will appear after 10 minutes or more.

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