Saturday, December 18, 2010

5 Ways to Write Fast and Effectively

Do you often spend long hours at the computer just to make an article or a blog post? If yes, you mean having to learn how to write articles quickly and effectively.

You should really use the time available to the right and try to write more articles in a short time. Here are some things you should do when writing an article or blog posting:

1. Closed other applications
Did you ever install the software? Sometimes, we are commanded to close other applications while installing a software because it will hinder the installation process. Similarly, when you write an article or post. First, close your chat application. Chats will take up most of your time. Next, close your e-mail application. Do not open any application, other applications for writing. Please just open the browser if you want to find a few references, but immediately closed if it is not needed anymore.

2. Doing research before writing
Do your research (research) before you begin writing articles. This will help you to write articles effectively. Do some research before writing also will produce quality content. By doing research, you can make an article that is longer and deeper.

3. Make schedule
It would be better if you set up a schedule to save time. Allocate time for each activity carried out, for example 15 minutes to collect references, 5 minutes to select the picture, 30 minutes to write an article and the rest to determine an interesting title. Within approximately one hour, you should be able to produce quality articles and interesting.

4. Check re-writing
Many people who publish articles directly without first re-check because of time constraints. And double-check the writing is very important to minimize the errors such as spelling, language. When you finish writing, try to re-read the article at least once. If you do not have time to do it, ask someone for help or if you need to pay someone to do the job if the article must be checked numerous.

5. Make editing
Perform editing after you finish writing the article. Put in place an appropriate picture, do not forget to include the source of the image if necessary. Next preview articles before publishing. If the results match what you want, please publish the article. If not, do the editing again.
Writing quality articles within a short time not an easy task, but if you do the preparation and conduct a structured process, writing will be easier and enjoyable.

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