Saturday, December 18, 2010

How Successful People Think

Successful people and successful people were not yet distinguished from the way he thinks. This way of thinking or mindset can be learned, can be owned by anyone who wants to succeed. It's just sharing from me which I got from my friend. So please read, read how successful people are thinking, do not immediately accepted at face value let alone cook. What is certain be careful with the mind, because this could be a good servant or a bad employer ...

Here's how successful people think:
The phrase was trying to explain that the main difference between successful people and people fail to exist in the way of thinking. Those who succeed are those who always use the power of thinking to continue to improve their lives so much better.

The people who succeed are those who have the type of positive thinking. This type of thinking that successful people are:

1. Big picture thinking is not thinking small
This logic makes them continue to learn, a lot of listening and focused so that they become broad horizon.

2. Focused thinking is not scattered thinking
So it can save time and energy, big jumps they can achieve.

3. Creative thinking is not restrictive thinking
The process of creative thinking include: think-collect-create-correct-connect.

4. Realistic thinking is not fantasy thinking
Enable them to minimize risk, there are targets and plans, security, as a catalyst and has credibility.

5. Strategic thinking is not random thinking
So that simplifies, customize, anticipatory, reduce errors and other influences can be done.

6. Possibility thinking is not limited thinking
They can think freely and to find solutions to the situation at hand.

7. Reflective thinking is not impulsive thinking
Enable them to have integrity, clarify big picture, confident decision making.

8. Innovative thinking is not popular thinking
Avoiding a common way of thinking to achieve something better.

9. Shared thinking rather than solo thinking
Share your thoughts with others to get better results.

10. Unselfish Selfish thinking is not thinking
Pemikian allows them to collaborate with other people.

11. Bottom line thinking is not wishful thinking
Focusing on results so as to achieve results based on the potential of thought that owned.

The mind is the beginning of everything. This way of thinking determines the way of life.

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