Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reasons Employees Can High Salary

The amount of salary received at the company where we work affects the pattern and standard of our lives. The higher their salary, the higher and also more modern lifestyle.

However, many people are not satisfied with the amount of salary received. And they feel have worked hard and give the best for the company.

Instead of complaining endlessly, stress, and envious of friends who paid higher, better see why someone paid high, exceeding your salary.

1. 'Hijacked', rather than applying
You may have heard the term 'piracy employees'. People who 'hijacked' are usually the people who are believed to have sufficient ability and potential to raise the company. So do not be surprised if the people recruited have higher salaries than people who were hired through the recruitment process.

2. Have ability above average
People who have performed above average with a person who has the performance to the degree necessary, even below average, would get different treatment from the company. People who are achievers rewarded with promotion, so that his salary was raised automatically. Or, getting a special salary increase. So, if you also want high-paying, achievement.

3. Duties and responsibilities of far greater
Observe carefully, if you do only routine things, and from time to time does not produce anything significant for the company, while peer contributes more to the company, who can be given a higher income?
More big and heavy work carried, of course award given company will also be greater. Therefore if you are burdened with a lot of work that feels hard, chances are your boss is being tested. If you are able to finish well, your boss or company would not hesitate to raise your salary.

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