Saturday, December 18, 2010

Online Game and Internet anesthetized

Interest of Internet users in the archipelago to access online gaming, as one of the activities in cyberspace, it is very high throughout 2010. Farmville, Point Blank and occupied the top spot Zynga Poker Game Online & Internet category.

Online games are fun. Entertaining and accessible. The problem is, many players who forget the time. Enchanted by the addictive game which gives a negative effect on health conditions and declining productivity. It is unfortunate, because most players come from students who are still attending school.

The enthusiasm for blogging was clearly visible. WordPress become the provider of the most popular blogs in the country. Even the traffic levels of WordPress users and readers in Indonesia, including five of the world. Blogs became a vehicle write opinions, thoughts also outpouring of the heart. Blog world thrives in Indonesia. The hope, also participated in spreading culture of writing.

It also seems habit of sharing among Internet users. Facebook and Twitter (Follow us!) dominates and the plural is used here. However, there are still users who want an alternative virtual networking Multiply, also the choice of micro-blogging Plurk.
No less interesting, Meebo appear on popular search because of its function as a chat client that enables users to chat with the speaker of some chat service providers as well. While Mivo TV is here to meet the needs of streaming tv.

Of course surfing in cyberspace requires a internet browser. Mozilla Firefox the most popular for use in PCs. But from the world of mobile devices, Opera Mini is selling well downloaded and used in Indonesia.

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