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Mistakes in Leadership

Mistakes in Leadership

A leader needs to refine skills and leadership to avoid the mistakes that are not necessary. How do I?

Management experts agree that leading companies do not just manage the numbers.
Formulate organizational strategy, profit concentration, and people management became
an important factor in determining success or failure of a leader.

There are five main elements that determine the success of a leadership organization, the product quality or has its own peculiarities, the right momentum, adequate capital, Dya quality human resources, as well as effective management. The five elements, according to Steven Brown in the book 13 Fatal Errors Managers Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them, is absolute and interrelated.

That is, without effective management, a leader will not be able to make good decisions about product specifications and the right moment to introduce to the market. Companies whose management shambles can not get sufficient capital, let alone defend it. More than that, people could only be trained and developed to better management memayunginya dlam good condition too.

Any forward-looking leaders should understand that an invaluable resource in any company is its human potential. As a leader, he is responsible for developing the talent that is very broad. So the importance of human resource element, a top executive at a large company in America once said: "Take all my possessions, the home is not his organization. So in five years I will be able to get everything back. "

The problem is, not all leaders are able to manage the company properly. According to Steven Brown's record that has for years served as a consultant, at least there were 8 fatal error made by a leader. Thirteenth Tesebut error is:

Failed to Develop People

One main goal is business continuity management itself, although there are changes in time and those who manage them. That means, if one day you wake up company that eventually became collapsed after you leave, then you deserve to feel guilty and failed leadership in developing relay.
It often happens, for various reasons, do not believe a person's ability, such as a leader feel the need to do everything yourself. There is no delegation of authority and power. As a result, other than occupied by the affairs that are not necessary, the leaders had been aware of incorrect or missing an opportunity to create a cadre of new leaders.
If you are in doubt about the need to build people as hard as possible, the following illustration can be a picture. Someone starting a business, and businesses that continue to survive as long as he was still working. Then, the company slowly disappeared after replacing his successors for more than half the working period of a generation.

Controlling the Result, Not Mengabdalikan mode

How to think someone would vary. This is also the result sebsb why some people can be more productive than others. Most leaders are often hit flat on the performance of employees. Moreover, for jobs that are very easy to see the results, such as field sales.
In fact every employee, as was already alluded to a way of looking and feeling different to a problem. Therefore, to avoid the wrong perception that, a leader in the development of a framework mestimelihat the whole series, namely through the thoughts, feelings or intellect, activities and eventually become a habit, then give the results. If the circuit is used, then the leader will be with mudh make drastic changes in building employee productivity.

Joining the Wrong Team

The main points at issue is how a leader develop the attitudes, especially about loyalty. A leader is often used as a fighter for people who are against the virtue, corporate goals and objectives.
If that happens, you should refuse even if the invite you are a leader or a set of your peers and keeping employees.

Uniforms in Managing People

Leaders who manage his subordinates in the same way or a technique, it often suffered disappointment. A good leader should be sensitive to personality differences and their respective staff.
Therefore, emimpin must recognize and exploit these differences as a strength.

Forget The Importance of Profit

The main purpose of an organization is to maintain the continuity of the organization. To that end, the company must necessarily achieve continuity of the profits to finance. Too often in the company of each division was more important than the other divisions. This can make a leader not forget the importance of focus and ultimately profit.

Glued At issue, Lost Objectives

One of the reasons why a leader is not effective is because he is fixated on simple problems, such small errors committed his subordinates or others.
Instead of wasting energy on finding fault with others, certainly better if one leader to another approach. For example, by finding out, what affects one's performance.

Be As a Neighbor, Not Leader

After office hours, many corporate leaders who want to behave as an ordinary person like the other fellow employees. Then next morning he would behave as a leader again. Many employees who could not accept such an attitude. A leader must choose: be a leader or a fellow employee. There is no middle ground in such situations.
The reason is simple, if a leader's actions against careless employee, then the fact he not only does not respect its employees. More than that he had also been taught to employees for not respecting his superiors. A leader should not be trapped in his role as friend, psychiatrist or priest. The task leader is how to manage a company's life.

Failed Setting Standards

Many leaders who did not like the concept of setting standards. Mahkan maybe they want to avoid talking about it, because they consider the standard as a way to punish those who fail memprodksi or that do not compromise.
People who think so do not really understand one of the key companies that are well managed. The Company does not have to force people to submit to a long list of rules, but he must have a goal to build personal and corporate pride.

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