Saturday, October 30, 2010


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Many of you, from past until now, always thought that money could only be sought by working. For example, you or your husband accidentally broke once again. Then, you both negotiate, and finally decided that you or your husband must work to earn money.

It was not wrong. However, to get the money you have to work. But which one is that if you think that only you can work. In fact, there are other parties that you can hire to make money in the family. Who is he?

If now you are only working, then you can ask the husband to work well. If you already have an adult child, then there is no harm in asking him to help you work.

In addition to family members, there are other sources of income that you can ask for the money. Who is he? Your own money. Yes, the money you have now, can you hire to join his own money.

Why, that is how?

Yeah, let's say at this time your husband works. From this work, your husband can get a regular income of about Rp 1.5 million a month. Then, let's say you also work, and be earning Rp 1 million per month. Thus, the total income you both is Rp 2.5 million per month.

Along the way, you both can have a pretty good savings. The amount - let's say - Rp 20 million. The money was placed in savings. Rarely still in use, because after all your monthly expenditures are both always take it from regular income.

Now the question is, if you still remember, how much regular income earned for your family? The answer is clear: USD 2.5 million per month. The following question, who is working to get USD 2.5 million per month? The answer is clear: You and your husband. How's USD 20 million that you have? Idle. Lho, kok idle? Yes obviously unemployed, wong just put in savings. The flowers do not yet amount to much.

If you're creative, you can have extra income with memproduktifkan part of USD 20 million that you have had. For example, you can wear just USD 10 million of your money to invest and earn additional revenue the new, the same is like if you have family members that work contributes to family income.

The problem now is, how to invest the money so he can generate income for your family? There are only two answers:

* Invest Enterprises
* Invest Products

If you invest into the business, you may be able to get a decent income from it. For starters, while you do your primary job, you can run the business by getting - say - a member of your family. Eventually, after several months for example, you can submit a complete business management to the members of your family, while you keep working on your early work. Thus, at this time not only you are looking for money, but also the money you could be 'driven' to make money as well. Although it may at first he still needs your help to be 'driven'.

In addition to the business, you also can invest your money into the product. Here, the results you get may be smaller than if you make an investment into the business. However, initial efforts you do to move this money to make money again will be lighter than if you do it by opening a business. Generally, the products that you can choose to make your money work for money again are products that can provide results for a minimum deposit. Of course, if you can find other products that provide greater results would be great.

So once again Mr. Mom, if this time is just you and your husband who works for the money, from now on no more was thought that only you both can work to get money. But also the money you can 'move' to get more money. If you continue to work to make money, tired of dong Bu! So, do not let only your own work for the money. Involve your money also can make money too. Is not that right?

Safir Senduk
Financial Planner

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