Saturday, October 23, 2010

Step Step Building a Positive Attitude

Benefits of positive attitude very much. A positive attitude can increase productivity, promote teamwork, problem solving, improve quality, foster a
favorable atmosphere, create loyalty, increase profits, and so on. The problem is, not everyone is able to build positive attitudes in his life. To build and maintain a positive attitude, according to Khera
Shif author of You Can Win, then consciously have to practice some of the following:

1. Change the focus, look for something positive

We must focus on the positive things in our lives. Start looking for what is right from a person or situation, not the other way looking for things that are wrong. In human umtumnya compelled to find fault with others and forget to see the positive picture. If someone tries to find friendship, joy, and positive things, then he will get it. Conversely, if the person was more looking for things that are negative, he also will get it. But a positive attitude here does not mean ignoring the error.

2. Grow habit to do it right now

We all have dreams in life, at least at certain times. Chimera is likely to cause negative attitudes. Daydream habit to make yourself become tired rather than attempt to make it happen. A task that was completed to produce satisfaction and foster a spirit, a task that is not fully materialized energy drain that is leaking like a tank.

3. Develop an attitude of gratitude

Always pay attention to that obtained mercy, not a tragedy or difficulty. We always focus complained about things that are not obtained, and forget about what we have. So many things we should be thankful for. At the moment we are grateful for our blessings, tidklah means we feel complacent. Gratitude makes everything more easy to live.

4. Take continuing education program

We must understand the true meaning of education. Intellectual education affects our thinking skills, while education on the basis of the values affect our hearts. In fact, education is not touched our hearts very dangerous. Whenever we want to build character in the office, home or community, then we must have ethics and morals at a minimum level. Education aimed at building or character traits we-like honesty, perseverance, vibrant, strength, and responsible - is essential. We do not need more academic education bnyak; the more necessary is the education of values.

5. Build self-respect in a positive way

Respect for yourself is the way we view ourselves. If we feel a lot of good things we have, our performance will increase, and our relationship developed, both in kator and at home. The world will look more beautiful. Why? Because there is a direct correlation between feelings and behaviors. So how can we respect ourselves? One of the fastest ways is to do things separately tidk others who can pay you with money or good reason. Contribute to the person who is unable, for example. There are two types of people in this world; receiver (taker) and donor (giver). The recipients of the "eat" the good and the giver "sleep" with the bad. The award-givers have self terhadapp high, a positive attitude, and serve the community. But in life, people must be able to act to receive and give. Personality dri yng healthy people who respect ourselves is, he not only felt the need to accept, malainkan also provided.

6. Away from the influence of negative things

To be able to be positive, automatically you have to distance themselves from negative influences. There are some negative things that should be shunned. First, people are negative. Social environment will determine the attitude of a person's life. If you get along with people who excel, you are going to be able to be accomplished. If you usually associate with thinkers, you will become one of them. If you hang out with people who love to give, you also would like to give. Conversely, if you enjoy socializing with people who like to convey kompalin, you would be so.
Second, drugs and alcohol. In addition to self-destructive and mind, this habit also spent money. Third pornography. Pornography is like a process of dehumanization of women and children. The consequences of pornography are numerous, such as dehumanization of women, sacrificing children, destroying marriages, encourage sexual crimes, ethical and moral ruin, and so forth. Every 46 seconds in America happened the rape of a woman (National Victim Center / Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, 1992). As many as 86% of rapists admit to regular porn, and 57% admitted imitating pornographic movies when sexual crimes (Dari. William Marshal, 1988). Fourth, negative films and tv programs. Fifth, rock music and many other negative things.

7. Learn to love something to be done

Many things we must do, regardless of whether we like or dislike about it. For example, a mother who must care for her child. But if we learn to like the tasks required, something that is impossible can become possible.

8. Start your day with something positive.

Try to read or hear something positive first thing in the morning. After a night of sleep soundly, we are relaxed so that our subconscious mind receptive. Positive thinking will determine the success of the day, and helps our mind to make every day a positive day.

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