Saturday, October 23, 2010

So Leader There are 7 Condition

You can be a reliable leader.
As long as they meet the following conditions 7.

1. Problem solver
A leader is supposedly able to make important decisions and seek
way out of problems. If you do not want a nickname Miss No Solution
printed on the back, begin to act firmly and remove your habits
being wishy-washy. Do not also cultivate the habit to escape from responsibility
responsibility. As the "captain", you are the one who is obliged to steer
"Ship" in the right direction.

2. Being positive
Everyone mistakes When this happened to your men,
do not directly mencecarnya with "a myriad" nagging. Investigate background
back problems so that you can be proportional. If you are
make a mistake, no need to hesitate to admit it and apologize to
related persons. Do not forget to do the repair to "atone"
your mistake was.

3. Communication, communication!
As well as any employees would lose direction if allowed to "walk
in the dark ". As a leader, you need to explain as clearly as possible
about the common goals that would be achieved and strategies to achieve it. Also Arm
men with an assessment of his work so far, so they
can learn how to do the job properly. Maintain two-way communication
with subordinates and ask for feedback from them every time you
launched a new policy.

4. Being inspired
A leader must be able to set standards and be an example for children
fruit. Be an inspiration to subordinates. Up date your mind
current information, not stingy to share experiences, and obey rules
You make yourself-for example, always arrive at the office on time.

5. Grow motivation
Give awards to achievement-no matter how small it is, done
your subordinates. Even employees who are late though most will attempt hobby
fix yourself if you praise him when he comes on time (let alone
when praise is given without impressed sarcastic). Periodically, ask
also questions and challenges that can stimulate the creativity to think of children
your fruit. For example, ask their opinion on a small project. Or
asked for their ideas to beautify the office.

6. Rapport
Establish professional relationships and interpersonal harmony with all
subordinates. Remember, in batik status as a subordinate, the employee is personally
which has a unique background and specific issues. Spend time
getting to know employees personally so that you can do coaching
right on target.

7. Down the mountain
Just because a business card has been decorated with the title manager, then you feel
free from obligation and do dirty jobs or job subordinates. A
leader of his men will be rewarded if he was willing to plunge into the field and
origin did not play any command. More and more great respect for the men when job
it can be done smoothly. Down the mountain, enter the mud, it is necessary because
will show you the child's quality of fruit.

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