Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quality Leadership

What are the qualities from an effective leader? Already very many management books are written separately this topic compared to other topics. The books states that the leader come in various shapes and sizes and use different types of styles (styles) management, but certainly there's one important thing to be an effective leader is; that leaders must have
followers (followers)! If you can not create an atmosphere where people choose to follow you, it means you are not an effective leader.

If we read books about leaders and leadership, its seems to be an effective leader is not difficult. Do not let the books fool you. In fact, it is not easy to become an effective leader. The main reason for that is because people have the freedom to choose. They're not necessarily follow just because you say so. "Man can not be managed. Inventory (inventory) can be managed, but people should be led." To get people to follow, you should pay attention to the factors, what are their interests (the WIIFM = What's In It For Me).

Most people are selfish, in a positive sense. People will react if their current state is threatened, or if indeed the situation that would promise a better state. This is a classic carrot and stick technique to motivate. Managing (not lead) to use such methods relatively easy. If you threaten people will lost his job or a great bonus offer, it is very possible they will do anything they would not normally do.

The problem is, that this method will not last long (not sustainable). People will not put up with conditions that suppressed for long periods of time. After a while they will give up and say "please fire me and I want to get out." Big bonuses and prizes will gradually beautiful less attractive after a while, mainly because it usually gives only to a handful of people.

Ineffective leaders are usually not aware of problems with this technique. They continue to increase the pressure or the size of bonuses and finally do not understand why the state increasingly unhealthy and uncontrolled.

Effective leaders have the ability to work at a higher level. They will very rarely use pressure or bonuses, but rely more on inspiration. They inspire people to achieve goals totally unimaginable and unthinkable before. Leaders like this actually has followers.

Then the question is, how they do it? From our experience both with respect to the leaders and the research results of some existing literature, there are 4 (four) to main elements of effective leadership: having a successful experience, vision, respect for others, personal and credible.

People do not like to follow the "loser" even though they are very skilled. Having a successful history or experience will also not guarantee you become an effective leader, but it is a requirement separately considered to be a leader. If you do not already have a successful experience, then you should get it first. Start with small winner, and proceed again with some more challenging tasks and learn from mistakes / failures along the journey.

Next, take days not to have achieved the success that makes you a big head, because then you will lose the credibility that is essential for an effective leader.

There are many books and other literature that discusses the vision. Most literature is trying to determine a prescription to find a vision. But actually none of these recipes that offer will always be appropriate for different situations and conditions. One thing you should realize that an effective vision must be based on data and information.

An effective leader will always wrestle with data and information. Guess using all sources of data and information available, and not delegate that task to others. Effective leaders to question and challenge the status quo and have the ability to see patterns that may be an opportunity where others do not see it.

They ask questions about various things diagnose sometimes far behind the things seen (obvious) and be able to bring new fundamental understanding about these things. This is what will make them crystallize a vision of the future that will inspire others to follow.

To create an effective vision, you must be willing to deal directly with data and information. More and more data and information that you analyze, the better the analysis you get. Effective leaders are masters of data and information so that they can cite some facts and figures without having to look at their notes again. If you are type of person who works at the high level and submit the details to others, I think and maybe will not never be an effective leader. Maybe you will become an effective manager, but not effective leader.

Effective leaders realize that they own only a small portion of data do important work in the development of the organizations they lead. They must be able to make others accept (buy-ins) vision and their plan to make it happen. To accomplish for others to receive, must begin with respect for others. It's been so many managers who may experience less show appreciation (respect) to workers and do not understand why people are not supporting them.

Only by walking around and talking to people about things they are doing has incredible impact. People do see you as real people, and you can see first hand what was going on. Activities that accompanied such discussion would be 10 times more complete and deeper than even meeting was attended by all relevant parties. The most important of all is where people believe that their leader and will understand what they're doing, they will penetrate any obstacles to these leaders.

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